Buying Outside Of The Box

It’s no surprise that the Denver area is full of up-and-coming neighborhoods.  As a regular featured story on the nightly news regarding the growing housing population and the need for creative solutions to housing, you may need to expand your search area and your criteria list in order to find the right fit.


What are some of things you should look for and be open to when searching in a new (“turnaround” or “renovation”) area?

Location – location – location, is still key. Pay special attention and take note to new businesses who are on-trend start moving in.  Example?  When a trendy coffee shop, Trader Joe’s and a co-working space pop-up, bets are good that you’re in the right spot.

When parking is in high-demand, you’ll want to be on the lookout for public transportation. The Lightrail has expanded to the East recently and there are talks of an expansion Southwest as well, all good signs that demand for homes will grow along with the population.

Also, good signs for future plans for entire neighborhood expansions as well.

Are you a fan of “Fixer Upper”? If so, you’ll love touring homes searching for a home with great bones. Before you do, be sure that the area you’re searching is also seen as a “potential” for other home buyers by visiting your local city permit office.

They have a wealth of information on up-and-coming projects and you can get the inside scoop, firsthand.

Tell me, have you been thinking of a move to an up-and-coming neighborhood?

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