How to Choose a Neighborhood That is Right for You

You know what "they" say about the number one rule in real estate... location, location, location. This can apply in many different ways to your real estate journey and it most definitely applies to your search for your perfect home located in your perfect neighborhood. You may find a home you love but if the neighborhood isn't the best fit for you, then you will never truly love your home and you might end up feeling buyers remorse down the line.

How can you choose the right community for you? Become a neighborhood detective! Figure out what is important to you, do your research and get in there and experience what that neighborhood is like.neighborhood 1

To begin with, make up your list of must-have's in your "perfect" neighborhood. Just the same as when you are looking at homes, know that you will probably have to compromise here. So, put your non-negotiable's at the top of your list and the items you are more flexible with at the bottom of your list. Consider what you need to fit in with your life style.

Here are some things to think about.

Do you have children or are planning to have children while you live in this home? Take a good look at the neighborhood schools, the school system and district and what your school options are close to your home. If you have younger children do the same for day care centers and other child care options. Also, parks, community centers and neighborhoods with family friendly activities and amenities like community events and walking trails may be important to you.

neighborhood 2 school

How far are you will to commute? You may fall in love with a home that has a lot of land and a good view but it's location may double your commute time. Is this a trade off you are willing to make? Consider your time spent in the car, costs of fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle.

What type of home do you want? Consider the differences in the neighborhoods where you find more historic homes versus new builds. What are the pros and cons to each of these different neighborhoods and how do they compare to your list of preferences and must-haves?

neighborhoods 3 home

Let this piece of your journey be fun, not stressful! Imagine your future life in each new neighborhood you are considering and take joy in the possibilities you are about to create for yourself!

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