Back to School… Preparing for a Smooth Transition

Too Cool for School....OK, while that may be true, we can't avoid it much longer! We have been enjoying a wonderful Summer vacation, but the signs are everywhere "Back to School!"  Bright yellow buses are roaring by as they practice their routes. There are mobs of parents and children around the "back- to- school" aisles at Target, and then there are the non-stop commercials on TV advertising all the trendy must haves for Fall 2016 (even though the kids would be sweltering in school if they attempt these fashions anytime before mid October). It is time to get organized and prepare for a new school year!

3D render of the inside of a classroom with back to school written on the chalkboard

1. Prepare for the mountains of paperwork that are about to come your way. Even in this "paperless" society, your kitchen counter or dining table will be covered in no time if you don't find a way to corral the livestock of  homework, flyers, artwork etc... "MOOOve over clutter!Consider setting up a large 3 ring binder with dividers for each subject...with titles like "To Sign" and "to Read" and "To Save" and "Homework Packets"....then be sure to go through this binder each evening.


2. Find your child's school supply list on the school's website, and see if you can find most items online. This will save an unnecessary trip to the store. Use the time you saved to spend an extra few hours at the pool!

3. Think about an eco-friendly lunchbox:

4. Get all important dates into your calendar now. Most school calendars are complete. Take the time now to enter important dates, like "picture day" or "Field Trips" or "School days off due to Holidays"....

5. Finally, plan one last fun family activity! Take that last minute get away to the mountains or visit the amusement park. Get the neighborhood kids together for some slip 'n slide fun, and a backyard BBQ.


Cheers to you!

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