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Single Family Home, Parker CO 80134

Bought for under asking price 


Buying a home is stressful. It is a lot of money, and you are purchasing something that you may have spent 20 minutes inside of before writing an offer. As your Realtor, I work with you to hire the best inspectors and try to get in-depth knowledge about the home before you close on it. While you are under contract, I recommend you have the home inspected by a general home inspector, you will inspect the home from Roof to Basement. In addition, you may want to consider additional inspections, such as tests for Radon and mold, a sewer scope and roof Inspection. Follow-up inspections may include, Structural Inspections, and Meth testing. Once all the results are in, we complete a thorough consultation to determine how you would want to proceed with addressing the inspection results.