Selling a home can come with its difficulties, but you can set yourself up for success by winning over potential buyers. So, how do you do this? It will take a little time and a little effort, but paying attention to the details below and make necessary accommodations, fixes, etc., you will increase the chance to impress buyers.

Pay attention to your windows. Poor quality windows, poorly insulated windows, and cracked windows are sure to drive your buyers away.

Clean up the floors. Depending on the buyer, they may buy a home prepared to replace the flooring while others will walk in, see an unflattering floor, and walk out. Be prepared by cleaning them up. It may not be in your budget to replace the floor, but a deep cleaning is worth considering.

Control the odor. Odor in a home is a “no-no” – good or bad. If there’s too much of an air freshener type smell, buyers will think you’re trying to cover something up. If there’s a foul odor, it may imply that you weren’t clean or there’s damage to the home (mold.) Keep it neutral and keep it clean.

Have flattering lighting. The lighting in a house is a huge deal to most buyers. While it’s easy to think they can simply replace all of the lighting themselves to their own liking, some prefer to see the lighting when they’re looking at the house and having it ready at move in.

Fix old, broken cabinets. Walking into a home with cabinets that look like they’re falling apart is unflattering on many levels. Your buyers will think about the time, cost, and effort they’re going to need to put forth in order to get the quality and standard they desire. They may also decide to place lower offers to compensate for what they will have to fix.

What step are you going to take to impress your buyers?