These days, chances are, whether you live in the city or in the ‘burbs you have a smaller backyard. This seems to be the new standard in home living as people opt for bigger homes, less to maintain or put other aspects of their dream home ahead of a big back yard on their wish list when home shopping. So, you might be standing in your smaller sized backyard and thinking to yourself, how do I design my backyard in the best way to suit it’s size? Below are a few tips to keep in mind. Happy landscaping.

  1. Don’t be afraid of trees. While a sprawling tree or a massive oak may not be the best fit for your small space don’t discount trees all together. According to Sunset, consider a Japanese maple or ornamental crab apple tree. Their favorite is “the crape myrtle, which maintains a manageable size and they say, “It’s hard to beat the showy summer flowers, beautiful bark, and brilliant fall color.”Consider the scale. Don’t go in for that Costco-sized patio set with the huge table and eight rocker chairs. Look around for something more minimal that suits the space and your style. IKEA offers Costco-like prices but features patio furniture with a smaller footprint.
  2. Create a container garden. You can grow almost anything in pots-herbs, vegetables and flowers all work. You space will benefit from some greenery the same way a large yard featuring a large garden looks. Herbs are especially happy growing in pots and if you have a small area for pots or a small spot with limited sunlight you can move your pots around to share the sun and shade as they need.
  3. Go diagonal. Once you find the right hardscaping material it is all on the way you lay it out. “Creating a view along the diagonal of the property creates the illusion that the space is bigger than it looks,” said HGTV. “Here, the diagonal path with steps traces a zigzag line through the garden, providing areas to linger and enjoy the wide beds and colorful plantings.”