Expect honesty.  One of the biggest and most important things a Realtor is taught in school is to disclose, disclose, disclose. Basically, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Realtors are held to a high level of accountability, so in general, agents are trustworthy. If you want to know your agent a little better, ask for a list of references from 5 of their most recent sellers or buyers.

Expect and know that Realtors work on commission. Don’t ask a Realtor to cut their commission, they will work hard for you and should be compensated accordingly.

Expect a Professional. Your Real Estate Agent should look and play the part of a professional. There are some cities where the culture is a bit more relaxed and casual than others, but the agent should be well groomed and put together. Paperwork should be on time, and they should show up on time for all appointments. The agent should keep regular and prompt communication with you throughout the process.

Expect to sign an agency agreement. This protects both the client and the Realtor by defining the role the Realtor plays and ensures that the agent provides you with the appropriate fiduciary responsibilities. This means they act solely on your behalf.

Make your expectations known. Work together to set realistic goals for your home purchase or sale.

Expect your agent to be able to clearly explain every form you sign, and do not sign anything you do not understand. Be aware that an agent cannot give legal advisement on many matters, so don’t be offended if you are referred to another source, or legal counsel on certain issues. The agent is simply abiding by the strict rules set forth by the Real Estate Commission.

Lastly, expect a great relationship. When a real estate transaction goes well, often a lifelong business relationship and even friendship develops.

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